dimanche 15 juillet 2018


Ever since I got hooked with online shopping, it is hard to stay away from my phone and my computer. Checking the new arrivals of my favorite online stores has been my outlet to de-stress. Gone are the days that I need to go out of the house and go shopping or window-shopping literally. Now, I can enjoy doing both conveniently anytime and anywhere. Also, these online stores I've been frequenting has a lot to offer not only of the fashion trend but they have a lot to offer on how you can save tons. ROSEGAL 5th Anniversary has started its amazing offers to their customers where you can claim a coupon from July 09-15 and I can't contain the excitement because I just got a huge discount coupon. (Coupon:)

And let me share with you now that on July 16-18, I can use that huge discount coupon I have claimed for some serious shopping at Rosegal. (Coupon:)
That party countdown to claim your coupons will last until July 15 only, so if you haven't claimed yours yet, do it now!

Here are the details on claiming your big anniversary coupons and do not forget to use the coupons on July 16-18:


Girls would take 100 shots and a very few shots will make it to posting. In general, only one will make it to posting. That is us, girls. When I take my #OOTD shots randomly using my smartphone, my husband can take up countless shots before I get contented with the pictures. I have learned my angles especially when posing in camera but sometimes, if it is a random shot using my smartphone, my best angles aren't convincing enough. But looking good is not just about your appearance because I believe that if you have a beautiful mind and heart, the beauty radiates from within and that where the confidence comes from. Agree? Whatever size you are, small or big, it's how you wear that self-confidence. I am moved by ROSEGAL because as they celebrate their 5th anniversary, they give us customers a chance to share our story to inspire girls everywhere. And there's nothing better than receiving shopping points and a chance to win $50 by sharing your story. Agree?

mardi 5 juin 2018


Looking good should be a priority for anyone; you’d surely be addressed the way you are dressed. The choices you make from your head to toe speak for you when you walk through the streets. The kind of hairstyle you wear would surely leave an impression about you on people. You could be dressed well but a strand of hair sticking out just makes everything look out of place. Now you know how important your hair is when it comes to looking great.
It is very natural for you to put in extra effort when it comes to finding the hair product perfect for your hair. There are a number of curling irons out there which would take your curls to a higher level. Some of them are quite pricey but their nearly 100% efficiency make them worth going for. However, having that sophisticated curling iron does not guarantee you the best curls. This is where the question of how much skill do you have in curling hair comes in. Don’t let the word ‘skill’ scare you. You just need to master some curling iron tricks and tips that will give you easy curls

Image Credit: Pixabay

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