jeudi 20 octobre 2016

Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Color Trends

When winter is here, nature changing its colors, The sky turns grey and becomes cloudy, and with rain and snow the mood is getting dark as well and our mood follow it! And we are waiting for the spring and summer to see colors all around us. But in fact, there’s nothing to wait for, because fall and winter are also seasons when we can wear stylish bright colorful clothes. This is great for mood and well being too!

Below i collected the main fashion trends for colors, that designers on have prepared for fall-winter 2016-2017.

Dark navy and vibrant blue is the New Black trend. Very elegant and funky when combined with a touch of red tones.

Baby pink and soft peach! Great color scheme for pale skins color. Very soft and innocent.

Bright Green! Bright and sparkling. This type of green looks especially beautiful when combined with Red or Oranges..
A large collection can be found on

Eye-Catching Multi color shades also great for fall style.

A large collection can be found on so you can get ready to buy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.
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dimanche 2 octobre 2016

Mojito Swing by Beauty Success Maroc

Il fait déjà froid, Octobre est déjà là! Mais je voulais quand même vous parler d'une gamme qui m'a accompagné durant la période de l'été.

Influenster Formula X Voxbox By Sephora

Me voilà de retour après deux mois d'absence! 
Je remercie toutes les filles qui ont demandé de mes nouvelles sur email! Je vous aime <3
Je voudrais partager avec vous aujourd'hui mes réflexions sur les produits inclus dans la Formula X Voxbox que j'ai récemment reçu de Influenster. (Reçu via Shipito, Influenster est réservé au USA)

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